Fletching Jigs
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QJ90 Longshot Pro Fletching Jig.
Features: Conventional or Cock Vane Up/Down Fletch Adjustment on Nock Locator, Long Magnetic Clamp for large or small fletchings, Adjustable Angle frame to fold down for tackle box, Retaining Spring for Arrowshaft, designed to hold Carbon, Aluminium or Wood Shafts. Drilled for Bench Mounting.

See Tech Info on the right for instruction sheet.

QJ95 Longshot Spin Vane Jig for ACE Shafts
QJ95 Longshot Spin Vane Jig for X10 Shafts

Features: Alignment Accuracy for consistent fletching and arrow flight. These precise arrows need precise fletching.
Two different models; Black cap for ACE and White Cap for X10.